Celebrating 20 years of caring, support and advocacy in Ottawa

Learning - growing - changing

Over the last 20 years, Ottawa has become a safer and more open city for the LGBTQ community. But much effort is still needed to create a true sense of equality.

While awareness of LGBTQ issues and rights has grown, parents need information and guidance on the challenges that come with raising a child that identifies as lesbian, gay or transgender.

PFLAG Ottawa can help.

Supporting  Families

Working to keep families in loving relationships by helping them understand and affirm their gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender family members.

Educating the Public

Providing helpful information and dispelling myths and misinformation by speaking at seminars, attending events and information fairs.

Advocating for Equality

Calling for equal human and civil rights.

You Learn a Lot in 20 Years

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Our People - Our Community

It's a simple idea. Bring together families, friends and people of LGBTQ communities to share stories, support and learn from each other.

PFLAG Ottawa provides an open and welcoming environment for individuals, parents and families to meet and discuss how to navigate the emotional, societal and practical challenges of living a full and satisfying life in appreciation of the individual expression and experience of sexual identity or sexual orientation.